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Cheryll Read - Professional Supervisor


Cheryll Read has been involved in clinical and professional supervision in the Wellington region for over 20 years.

Clinical supervision

Cheryll has a background in clinical supervision in the mental health sector where she was employed for sixteen years in a number of different roles including psychiatric social worker, family therapist, team leader and services manager of a regional multidisciplinary team.

She has supervised the clinical work of health professionals and students in community mental health, in-patient services and child and adolescent mental health teams. Clinical supervision examines current casework challenges in detail; assisting with assessment and intervention planning, and tending to the impact on the person of some of the distressing content of their work and responsibilities.


As a registered social worker, Cheryll provides clinical supervision for social workers in the health, social services and public sectors. This may include coaching the social worker to identify, record and submit evidence from her/his practice of the required Competency standards for ANZASW full membership, and meeting the requirements for Registration under the Social Workers Registration Act 2003.

Professional supervision

Cheryll undertook Human Resources training as a health services manager; and later worked as a HR professional with KPMG’s Change Consulting Group for three years, advising executives on managing change in the workplace in an inclusive and consultative way; and working with front line staff going through changes at work.


Her professional supervision work developed during this time, as managers and professionals sought a similar process to the clinical model, but one that was adapted to wider organisational responsibilities and challenges, particularly pertaining to workplace cultures and the impacts of change on people.


As a self-employed contractor Cheryll worked with (amongst others) ACC, Parliamentary Service, ALAC, Statistics NZ, Ministry of Justice and the Citizenship Office of Internal Affairs – all agencies whose professional staff and managers engage with the public in specialised services and where there is an increased awareness of a duty of care to employees delivering those services.

Cheryll has also worked in the NGO sector managing contracts and staff providing services to CYF and MSD. She has provided professional supervision to teams in the wider social services sector, and also for other managers in provider agencies.

Professional supervision model

Cheryll has trained in a range of supervision modes during her career including casework, clinical work, group work and community work supervision. The focus is on Cheryll's client’s support, encouragement and professional development.


Her central approach in professional supervision reflects Margaret Morrell’s supervision model.  Margaret provides a New Zealand-based training that uses a practical systems/ecological framework for understanding professional practice and the workplace environment; and the changing responsibilities, resources, issues and ethics that interplay in that environment, and particularly on the client’s professional role. (

Qualifications and memberships

Cheryll is a member of HRINZ and ANZASW and is a Registered Social Worker. She holds a degree in psychology and post graduate diplomas in Social Sciences and also in Human Resources Management.  She attends regular professional supervision for her own practice and attends training and development courses in fulfilment of her own professional associations’ requirements.

Cheryll is committed to building and sustaining professional supervision practice in the New Zealand setting and working with professionals and managers from all employment sectors.


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